Fellow of the International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society appointment is given to individuals that have demonstrated scientific excellence, and support of the society through service on committees and continuous membership for a number of years. Nominees for Fellow will be considered by a sub-committee of the Awards Committee consisting of Fellow Appointees.

2019    Richard E. Brown, PhD
2019    Elissa J. Chesler, PhD
2019    John C. Crabbe, PhD
2019    Jacqueline N. Crawley, PhD
2019    Wim E. Crusio, PhD
2019    Hans-Peter Lipp, PhD
2019    Abraham A. Palmer, PhD
2019    Catharine H. Rankin, PhD
2019    Hee-sup Shin, MD, PhD
2019    Douglas Wahlsten, PhD
2019    Robert W. Williams, PhD

IBANGS Distinguished Investigator and Early Career Achievement Award
In recognition of the important contributions of our colleagues in the field of behavioral and neural genetics, IBANGS confers two awards at each IBANGS annual meeting: The Distinguished Investigator Award and the Early Career Achievement Award.

IBANGS Distinguished Investigator Award

2024     Andrew Holmes, PhD.
2023     Catharine Rankin, PhD
2022     Elissa Chesler, PhD
2021    Abraham A. Palmer, PhD
2019    Seth Grant, PhD 
2018    Rainer Spanagel, PhD  
2017    Kirstin Scott PhD
2016    Gene Robinson PhD
2015    Dai Stephens PhD
2014    Marla Sokolowski PhD
2013    Robert Gerlai PhD
2012    Joe Tsien PhD
2011    Jacqueline Crawley PhD
2010    Tamara Phillips PhD
2009    Hans-Peter Lipp PhD
2008    John Belknap PhD and John Crabbe PhD
2007    Robert W. Williams PhD
2006    Doug Wahlsten PhD
2005    Lorraine Flaherty PhD

IBANGS Early Career Achievement Awardees

2024    Francesca Telese, PhD.
2023    Sandra Sanchez-Roige, PhD
2022    Monica Dus, PhD
2021   Ryan W. Logan, PhD
2019   Zoe Donaldson, PhD
2018   Karla Kaun PhD
2018   Catherine Kaczorowski PhD
2017   Amy Lasek PhD
2016   Alex Keene PhD
2015   Yehuda Ben-Shahar, PhD
2014   Camron D. Bryant PhD
2013   Judith R Homberg PhD
2012   No award given
2011   Stephen Boehm PhD
2010   Hiroki Ishiguro PhD
2009   Abraham Palmer PhD
2008   Justin Rhodes PhD
2007   Elissa Chesler PhD
2006   Andrew Holmes PhD

IBANGS Distinguished Service Awardees
The IBANGS Distinguished Service Award is given to our colleagues that go above and beyond to further the field of behavioral neural genetics and/or the success of the society.

IBANGS Distinguished Service Awardees
2015   John Crabbe PhD
2011   Wim E. Crusio PhD
2001   Benson E. Ginsburg PhD